MainStreet Four-Point Approach Committee Functions


Establishing and maintaining a non-profit corporation that works in partnership with the public and private sector to plan and implement a comprehensive downtown revitalization strategy.

  • Raising money – for projects and administration, from donations and sponsorships
  • Volunteer coordination – by recruiting people, supervising them, and rewarding good work
  • Promoting the program – to downtown interests and the public
  • Examples: Fundraising campaigns for specific projects; volunteer drives; press releases and interviews with media; newsletters; communication with downtown businesses; social media


Enhancing and improving the physical appearance of downtown by addressing all design elements to create an appealing environment. Educating others about good design – enhancing the image of each business as well as that of the district

  • Providing good design advice – encouraging quality improvements to private properties and public spaces
  • Planning MainStreet’s development – guiding future growth and shaping regulations
  • Motivating others to make changes – creating incentives and targeting key projects
  • Examples: Business owner consultations with NM MainStreet architect; Façade Improvement programs; Façade squads; Design guidelines; Wayfinding Signage Design Plan


Creating and marketing a positive image of the downtown district and attracting people to socialize, shop at local businesses and restaurants, and enjoy local history and culture. Understanding the changing market – both potential shoppers and your “competition”

  • Identifying downtown assets – including people, buildings, heritage and institutions
  • Defining MainStreet’s market niche – its unique “position” in the marketplace
  • Creating NEW image campaigns, retail promotions and special events – to lure people back downtown
  • Examples: Fall Festival, Holiday Stroll & Electric Light Parade; Historic Walking Guide; Advertising Campaign; Farmers’ Market; social media


Positioning, strengthening and improving downtown’s existing economic assets and fulfilling its broadest market potential. Learning about the district’s current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth

  • Strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones
  • Finding new economic uses for traditional MainStreet buildings
  • Developing financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitations and business development
  • Monitoring the economic performance of the district
  • Example: Downtown Master Plan; Business Directory and Website; Promotion of empty spaces; Revolving Loan Fund; tracking statistics of the District