Larry Mitchell, President
Architect, Mitchell Cruse Architecture, LLC.
(Cell) 575-302-1066 (Email)

Susan Crockett, Vice President
County Commissioner, Eddy County
(Office) 575-885-4696 (Cell) 575-361-4695 (Email)

Tiffany Weyant, Secretary
Owner Milton’s Brewing
(Cell) 915-637-1829 (Email)

Jeff Carswell, Treasurer
Nuclear Safety Senior Technical Advisor, Department of Energy
(Office) 575-234-7085 (Cell) 706-399-7766 (Email)

Committee Chairs

Jason Shirley, Economic Vitality Committee Chair, City Council Representative Ward 3
Owner, Perfect Design
(Cell) 575-302-3878 (Email)

Juan Dorado, Design Committee Chair
Project Manager, Durham Mackay Architects Inc.
(Office) 575-885-5545 (Cell) 575-361-2324 (Email)

Damian Capello, Promotion Committee Chair
Owner, Red Rocket Video
(Office) 702-305-8482 (Cell) 575-706-0082 (Email)

Mark Barela, Organization Committee Chair
Director of District Guidance Services
Carlsbad Municipal Schools
(Office) 575-234-3300 Ext. 1028 (Cell) 575-302-3076 (Email)

Julie Chester, Director
Fiddler’s Inn
(Cell) 575-725-8665 (Email)

LaWanda Scholl, Director, Member Organization Committee
Carlsbad Community Theater & Cat’s Meow
(Cell) 575-706-3329 (Home) 575-887- 2601 (Email)


Mayor Dale Janway
City of Carlsbad
(Office) 575-887-3798 (Email)

Linda Dodd
Executive Director, United Way of Carlsbad & South Eddy County
(Office) 575-887-3504 (Cell) 505-947-8898 (Email)

Lisa Boeke
Director of Marketing, Communications and Tourism
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce
(Office) 575-887-6516 (Cell) 575-361-6062 (Email)


Karla Hamel
Executive Director, Carlsbad MainStreet
(Office) 575-628-3768 (Cell) 575-361-3276 (Email)

Sharon Bentley
Assistant Director, Carlsbad MainStreet
(Office) 575-628-3768 (Cell) 575-200-6560 (Email)

KC Sparks
Volunteer, Carlsbad MainStreet
(Home) 575-885-9688 (Cell) 575-302-1916 (Email)